Here are some things our wonderful clients have had to say about us and our work: 


 “Colleen has always given me lots of options instead of saying ‘we have to do it this way.’” 



 “She’s a whirlwind, but she doesn’t strong arm! I can’t stress that enough; even my husband who liked it the way it was [before] fell under her spell!”



“She just walks into a space, looks to see what you’re talking about and then casually says—‘what about this?’ and ‘what about that?’ and then before you know it you’ve got a whole new house, and it looks beautiful!”

 “When she saw the original plan for the kitchen she said ‘I would do it like this’ and redrew it for us right there and we couldn’t believe how much better it all fit.” 



 “My house was painted totally linen white. After 30 years, I was sick of it!...My husband was stubbornly opposed to changing anything, and she was fabulous with him! She wooed him into changing his mind and we ended up with some dark red bedrooms and a green-gray halls that we both love…the house is gorgeous; it’s perfect…”


“We already had some sub-contractors but she found all of the other ones. She didn’t mind working with the people we normally work with.” 


 “I call her all the time. She most recently helped me get a couch and a chair, and it’s perfect for me!” 



“We met Colleen by chance and had a good feeling….She knows exactly what you’re looking for….She took into account our whole family, how we entertain…and she visited our [former] house first.” 



 “She just knows what you like. Once she talks to you she gets that feel your going for. I mean, there were some things that she showed me and I said ‘No, I don’t like that’ but then she’d just come up with new ideas.” 



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