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You dream it. The Look Interiors creates it.

The Look Interiors has been designing and creating stunning interiors since 1985. Based in New Hampshire, this project management corporation has now grown to cover nationwide residential and commercial projects from conception to completion including architectural design, landscape design, sub-contracting, project management, purchasing, décor, and installation.


The Heart of Your Home 

Working with the ideas of the owners to create a clean and comfortable space where their family can gather and cook meals together, we created their dream kitchen. 


From concept to reality, we brought this design to life and now the family is enjoying a culinary hub that brings everyone together.









We went big with this one. In forever sunny southern California, we created a totally new and unique music  and events venue, The Rose. This venue hall presents live musical performances from nationally acclaimed acts in an eclectic, music-centric atmosphere. The Rose also includes upscale dining,  state of the art video, massive projection screens, close circuit sounds, and a million dollar light show. 



The Venue Your Crowd Wants

Click on the plans above to see the layout of this one-of-a-kind music venue and events center.  

With a mixture of hand selected designer furniture, signature décor, local artisan creations, and exclusive antiques, our shop has the variety you're looking for, at the price you crave. 


Stop in and visit with our friendly staff at our location in Stratham, NH who can assist in your hunt. If you're not in the area you can shop our extensive online store from the comfort of your home. Either way, we're here to help you hunt for the missing treasure that can turn your house into a home. 


The Best Finds for the Best Price

From unfinished basement space to luxurious "man cave", this room is outfitted to entertain and impress. With four TVs, custom lighting, illuminated toe-kicked bar, hand-selected granite countertop, stainless steel fridge and sink, and premium beverage storage space, all wrapped together in a custom-built, sleek design, this is a guaranteed hit for any social  gatherings.

Your Favorite Place To Be

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