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We at The Look Interiors look forward to assisting you with your next home project and there are many ways and levels in which we can make your vision a reality. To start, we have a Prime Consultation package of $250 where a Designer visits your home for a site walk-through to review your project’s space. We will discuss how you live now, how your house works for you and your family, and what direction a great plan could take you. This meeting is usually around 1-2 hours long, and during that time we will draw and sketch, often digitally in 3D, so we all might get an idea of the perfect space for you and your project. We include both the inside as well as how your home relates to the outside energy: windows, travel through, natural light, etc.


From there, you may find that is all you need to get yourself started. Most people can then determine if there is a larger need for further design work and if a secondary, Premium Consultation meeting is needed, a cost of $600, where the Designer will be scheduled to meet with you again for another 3-5 hours to continue bringing your project closer to your dreams.


If you are satisfied with the ideas from the original meeting(s) and are feeling like you would to move onto more grander scale work, we can also quote a Professional Designer or Expert Project Management Fee, encompassing various plans, details, and work needed to move forward on the project. Depending on your needs and square footage, this Professional Designer Fee can run between $1,500-$2,500. This will cover an entire phase of work in your home and can be discussed in further detail with your selected Designer.


For bigger projects involving multiple phases of work, The Look Interiors works with many local, licensed contractors, as well as having an efficient, dedicated, in-house team to help you in the project management phase. This includes the quoting process, product purchasing, and complete design up to the total completion and satisfaction of your selected project(s). Depending on the size of your project(s), this Expert Project Management Fee can range from $5,000 to $100,000 and covers both residential and commercial. We will stay with your specific project(s) until absolute completion and until your satisfaction has been met in all realms, from design work to installation of all purchased products.


We thank you again for considering work with The Look Interiors and hope to help bring your dreams alive.

Prime Consultation: $250 - $500
1-to-2 hour on-site meeting with Colleen Lake.
Thorough walkthrough of designated location(s), discussing your plans, wants, and dreams for your perfect space.
Optimizing of existing pieces and space in your home as well as discussion on new items and design possibilities.
Completion of designated area, if possible, and setup of a secondary Consultation, if desired.

Premium Consultation: $600 - $2,500
Should further design work be needed after the Prime Consultation, a secondary and additional follow up meetings can be scheduled. This option may also be available for a first time consultation if you would like a Designer in your home for a longer period than the Prime Consultation dictates.
Detailed rendering of your project, digitally and in 3D, done prior to the second meeting in greater detail and with grander direction to help bring your project to fruition. 
Additional work and planning accomplished from original meeting to any and all rooms, including optimizing of your existing pieces and space to fit your needs and plans. If provided with information and pictures of the workspace, the Designer may bring assets and additional help to maximize the time given to meet your needs.

Professional Designer: $3,500 - $15,000
If further, more detailed work is still needed, Colleen will head the entire phase of the project(s) discussed in prior consultations. We will begin to shape and form your needs into real, tangible, completed goals as we meet with contractors and vendors. All help will be continued from the previous consultations and the scope of work needed will be broadened and addressed accordingly. Depending on the scope of the project, this design fee may include:

- Weekly meetings, per your schedule, to keep in communication about project needs
- Blueprints of your project (Physical & Digital)
- Layouts of counters, cabinets, furniture, lighting, and appliances  
- 3D digital renderings of project space
- Area rug, flooring, tiles, wood stain finishes, and paint options
- A complete lighting plan with your licensed electrician 
- Itemized lists of all products the Designer recommends for your home for review and confirmation, followed up by delivery and installation of anything purchased
- All the bells & whistles to get you a complete builder bid-able project

Everything necessary will be handled by The Look Interiors team for your convenience and regular meetings will be setup to assess any issues or concerns as they arise.

Expert Project Management: $5,000 - $25,000


An efficient, dedicated, in-house team to help through the overall planning and implementation of each and every phase of the project(s) at hand - residential or commercial. This fee encompasses all the details of the previous fees as well as the many additional needs for the project(s) at hand.


We help the client through the quoting and bid process as necessary with any and all project needs until total completion of the work has been met.


Coordination and scheduling of all Contractors for your convenience to meet any and all deadlines for every phase of the project(s). This includes finding and assessing all workmanship to be done for any project needs. 


We will problem solve any issues or concerns along the way directly with the specified Designer and their in-house team to meet the utmost satisfaction of the client and their needs.


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