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Why do I need an Interior Designer?


The ‘beige box’ is one of the all too common evils of modern architecture and design. Here at The Look, we believe that everyone has an unalienable right to love their look and feel truly at home in their house. A space should compliment its inhabitants and harmonize with the way they want to use it. If this isn’t the case for you, then you may need our services, and you’ve come to the right place.


Whether you’re building new or remodeling, we guarantee that our involvement in the project will render a space that feels just right—aesthetically and dimensionally organized and realized to meet your needs exactly.


Designing has been our business for over 20 years, so it’s safe to say that in this region, we know the finest, most talented, most versatile, and most reasonably priced finish carpenters, tile-layers, masons, muralists… you name it. In addition to sub-contractors, we’re an active part in a gigantic retail network so we are constantly in touch with thousands of brands as well as local craftsmen and antique dealers.

This is why, whether it’s designing a new space or remolding an old one, we guarantee to get you The Look you’ve been looking for.    


How much does it cost?

    To get things started, our founder Colleen Lake will come down to the site to hear your ideas about the project and illuminate it with possibility. That doesn’t cost much and it leaves both parties quite inspired by the project.


From there, more cost more.


Maybe we’re just changing how you use what you have, adding a splash of color and a couple complimenting accessory accents; this is a small amount of work, and is charged accordingly.


Maybe we’re organizing the construction of a whole new building from sketch to finish and furnishings plus planning out and realizing immense statue gardens on either side of it. This will be a lot of work, and is charged accordingly.


One thing to keep in mind is that with connections like ours, our services are sometimes cheaper than trying to get to the same place without us!

How long will it take?

Projects can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of years—it depends on the scope of the project and your budget.

The scope of the project involves such as aspects as permits that need to be obtained, different phases of the project, sub-contractors involved, shipping, custom items, amount of labor, et c. 

The budget can affect the timeline of the project in either direction. If money gets tied up, then of course the project can be delayed, but The Lookalso offers a fast-track option for clients who really need their project completed ASAP. With this option, our whole staff dedicates their full efforts to completing your project as quickly and perfectly as possible.


It is very important that Colleen really understands your vision and that all parties are on the same page regarding the work to be done. This can take several meetings to align harmoniously.


However long the project takes, you can rest assured that The Look will keep you up-dated as to its progress as well as present you up-dated sketches, plans, and design ideas whenever they are available.


How do you decide what to use/do?

We’re here to help you find your Look, whatever that may be. The Look operates heavily on the brilliant intuition of its owner and founder,Colleen Lake and her almost uncanny ability to decipher someone’s style upon meeting them.


During their initial meeting, clients are often surprised at her ability to parse their own ideas out of them, to inspire them to talk about their desires for the project in a way they never have, and to read between the lines of their comments, movements, current living situation, clothes, et c…in order to fashion a cohesive Look for the space that the client will simply love.


Sometimes this results in a quick fix—the removal of wall that was throwing a kink in the works, the swapping out of some oppressive color, or something like that. 


Sometimes this involves sourcing new furnishings. We are just as liable to source an item from the finest design brands in the country as from a country antique collector hidden away in the woods—it all depends on Your Look!  Whatever that is, we’ll find it wherever we need to.


We also have an on-site custom furniture and cabinet builder whose talents are versatile enough to apply to many different projects.


The project is only constrained by your budget, The Look is ready to go all out with complete renovations done by the best sub-contractors in the region to make sure our project renders you the most ideal space possible.


Do I get a say?

Yes, of course you do. Colleen Lake, owner and founder, listens to everything that you have to say (and more) to find The Look that is right for you. 

Have a neat object that you really want to use? Well then used it shall be.


Not sold on the color of paint we chose? Well then we aren’t choosing it.


The floral pattern on the curtains has to be carnations? Done.


Not only do you have a say in the outcome of the project, the project’s outcome will be so personalized that it harmonizes perfectly with your simply beautiful life.

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